Theodore’s Will and Estate

The notice below from the London Daily News of August 21st 1897 shows that Theodore left £21,497 and gives details of the beneficiaries in his will. More detail would be appreciated. The replies to this post are for discussion on individual aspects of the will.

Please include details of the source of any information you provide. If you include any text directly from other sources, or any photographs, please try to ascertain their copyright status and include it in the reply.


The will, which bears the date January 21st, 1891, with a codicil of the same date, of James Theodore Bent, of 13, Great Cumberland-place, the well-known traveller and archaeologist, who died on the 5th May last, aged 45 years, leaving personal estate valued at 21,497l., has been proved by his widow, Mrs. Mable Virginia Bent, the Rev. Henry Auriol Barker, of Weobley, Hereford, and Edward Philip Charlewood, of 51, South King-street, Manchester. The testator bequeathed to his Aunt Maria his leasehold property at Sutton, Macclesfield, and the use and enjoyment of the Gurnett, Macclesfield, during her life. His widow, Mrs. Bent, is to have the income during her life, subject to the occupation of Gurnett by his aunt, all of his real and personal estate, and after her death legacies are to be paid of 1,000l. to Charles Bent, 1,000l. to the Rev. Nigel Grealey, 1,000l. to the Rev. John Stewart Sinclair, 1,000l. each to the Rev. Henry Auriol Barker and Edward Philip Charlewood, and the ultimate residue of the testator’s property is then to be in trust for his sisters-in-law.

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      1. Sutton Hall had been acquired by the Bingham family before Theodore’s father, James Bent, took a lease on the property. Lord Lucan was a recent descendant of the Binghams and disappeared after allegedly murdering his children’s nanny at his London home. One presumes James Bent leased the house from the Binghams.

  1. Any information on the following beneficiaries?

    • Rev. Nigel Grealey
    • Rev. John Stewart Sinclair
    • Rev. Henry Auriol Barker
    • Edward Philip Charlewood

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