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About blogs and posts

Posts are messages added by readers of the book to share their findings and experiences related to the Bents and their travels. The individual posts are categorised so that they appear in a collection of similar posts called blogs e.g. all posts about Amorgos.

You can read the blogs without being logged in, however, to create a post in a blog you must previously have registered your email address with us. We WILL NOT pass your email address on to any third party nor will we send you any emails not related to the book and this site; you can unsubscribe from emails at any time just by clicking on a link in each email we send you.

When posting a message, please select the category that you think the post should be shown in i.e. which blog it should appear in. You can include any relevant pictures in your post.

All posts are vetted before they appear in the blogs so there may be a delay between you posting the message and its appearance in its blog. Our apologies for this delay, but we would not want you to be offended by allowing unmonitored posts.