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The Adventure

Welcome to ‘The Adventure’ – a new approach to discovering and exploring those jewels of the Aegean Sea that are the Greek islands of the Cyclades.

James Theodore Bent
James Theodore Bent

During the winters of 1882-83 and 1883-84, the intrepid explorers Theodore and Mabel Bent left their home and opulent lifestyle in London’s fashionable West End to meander around 21 far-flung Greek islands in search of adventure in the exotic Levant.

Mabel Bent
Mabel Bent

They travelled by steamer, sail-boat, mule and on foot, staying in the finest houses, the humblest dwellings and under open skies, often sharing their sleeping quarters with brigands, fleas and domestic animals. Along the way Mabel penned her diary and Theodore made notes recounting their amazing adventures, local customs, music, dance and much more. In 1885 he published his account of their adventures in his book – ‘The Cyclades or Life Among the Insular Greeks’.

They were the original Greek Island-hoppers!

The Cyclades by Bgabel at wikivoyage. Use subject to CC-by-SA 3.0
The Cyclades

Although Theodore’s account is over 130 years old, it still fires the imagination and provides the perfect itinerary for the modern-day, island-hopping explorer. Many of the places they visited are now well-established on the tourist map but traces still remain of the old Greece described in the book – often just around the corner from the busy resorts. Follow the Bents to the real Cyclades and let them lead you to places that will burn themselves into your memory forever.

This website is the companion to the free e-book of the same name, however, each stands alone in its own right. The e-book is tightly interwoven with this website in order to expand upon and illustrate Theodore’s writings and to show what still remains today. Hyperlinks in the book bring you seamlessly to the relevant section of this website while numerous other links provide information from other sites, such as Wikipedia, should you wish to explore Theodore’s topics in greater depth.

This website contains a wealth of information to help you on your travels. It provides background information on Greece and Greek culture, both modern and historical. You’ll also find practical information on flights, ferries, buses, accommodation. things to do and see, and much more. We hope these tips will take some of the drudgery out of travelling, leaving you more time to enjoy the experience.

Next time you’re off to Greece, download a copy of Theodore’s e-book to your tablet, phone or other e-book reader. When you tire of the beach, jump the next bus or ferry, let serendipity be your guide and JOIN THE ADVENTURE!

Enjoy your adventure – oh – and don’t forget to tell us about your experiences and discoveries via the blogs on this site. In Mabel’s words we wish you ‘a Happy Home-coming, the best wish a traveller may have’.