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We can only accept blog posts for messages, images and file uploads for which you are the original creator, or which are in the public domain, or for which the copyright period has expired, or which have been made publicly available under the terms of a Creative Common Attribution-ShareAlike license (CC by-SA) agreement.

If you are not the copyright holder, could you please let us know the details of who holds the copyright.

We will extend the file name of any images or files uploaded to include the name of the copyright holder. Our copyright footer on each page provides a link to our copyright policy which states that the display of any message blog posts will include the user name of the uploader of the message and that this name will override our footer copyright messages on an individual message basis. If the copyright of the message or associated images is with other than the uploader, we will modify the posted message to that effect.

As the copyright holder of any material you upload, you grant to the present and future owners of the Internet domain name ‘’, the right to use the material in any way whatsoever, free of charge, in perpetuity, provided that such use is related to the book, The Cyclades or Life Among the Insular Greeks, or any project of work derived from it including, but not limited to, on-line content, broadcast media, printed media, live performance, movie and DVD.