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Copyright and licensing

Unless otherwise indicated, as detailed in the next paragraph, all text, images and other files in this website are protected by copyright and may not be used without specific written permission.

Some pages contain text and images distilled from other websites such as,  and These external sites are covered by the CC by-SA license which requires that we publish our use of it under the same license terms.

The footer section on each page of this website indicates whether the entire page is copyright, and by whom, or whether the page is subject to the CC by-SA 3.0 license.

If a page displayed within this website is being directly accessed from a third-party website, we are unable to display the precise copyright information in our page footer, however, the information may be contained within the body of the displayed page. In this situation the message ‘This page may be subject to various third-party copyrights’ is displayed in our footer and, if you wish to reproduce any of the content of that page, you must ascertain the copyright issues for yourself.

Some images or files on this website might contain copyright information within the server file name. Where this is the case, the copyright information in the file name overrides that contained in the page footer on which the image or file is displayed or made available. Some content on a page may contain copyright information pertinent to just that item of content; where this is the case, such copyright information overrides that contained in the page footer for that item of content only.

This copyright and licensing information applies only to pages, images and files prefixed by the domain name ‘’. Where we have linked to pages, images or files in other domains, you should ascertain for yourself the relevant copyright status in those cases.

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