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The Gozzadini Family

This page is in the process of being researched. These notes are research place-holders.

The name evolved into the Greek family name of Kozadinos. On Kythnos there are branches of this family. We stayed at the Meltemi Hotel in Loutra run by Dimitrios Kozadinos.

Lavinia Fontana’s Gozzadini Family (1584)

The secret meanings in Lavinia Fontana’s art – BBC

ΚΟΖΑΔΙΝΟΣ (Gozzadini) family


In 1307 the Da Koronia family ruled in place for Venice and in 1456, Kozadinos, the Lord of Kythnos, married into family and ruled until 1617, when the Turks conquered the island.

Messariá was probably founded by one of the Frankish lords in the sixteenth century, the Gozzadini being the family who ruled it as an appanage of the Naxiote duchy; and over the Church of St. Sabbas we find the initials of one of that lordly house.

Kasteli (Castle) of Akrotiri : The ‘Goulas’ (Tower)

In Medieval times, Akrotiri was one of the ‘kastelia’ on the island.
It was named ‘La Ponta’. In the middle of the settlement stood the ‘Goulas’ of Akrotiri, which severely damaged during the 1956 earthquake, although prior to that it was in very good condition.
In 1336 Akrotiri was given to the Gozzadini family by the Duke of Naxos Nikolas Sanudo.
The Gozzadini family originated from Bologna.
The fact that they came from this town in Italy and not from Venice, which was at war with the Ottoman Empire, combined with the powerful defense position of the castle, permitted the Gozzadinis to keep the castle in their possession for a long period of time, even during the occupation of Santorini by the Turks.

Eventually the castle fell to the Turks at the turn of 1617.