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The On-line Reader

If you don’t currently have an e-reader device or an e-reader app on your tablet or smartphone, you can read the book on-line via this website. You must register and log in. You can try the on-line reader free for 3 days with no obligation – it’s also a good way to try the book before you buy it. After that, if you wish to continue reading on-line, you have to purchase the on-line reader licence for UK £5. Of the £5 fee, £4.17 is donated to Cancer Research UK; the remaining £0.83 is the Value Added Tax that we have to pass to the UK tax-man.

If you later buy an e-reader device or app, we’ll refund the on-line reader licence fee in full on receipt of proof of purchase of the relevant e-book. If, within 7 days of purchasing the on-line reader licence, you are not satisfied with the on-line reader or the e-book, we’ll refund the purchase price in full.

You don’t need to install any special software on your computer to use the on-line reader, you just use your normal Internet browser. The functionality of the on-line reader is not as rich as is found in a dedicated e-reader device or app:

  • you must have a WiFi or other Internet connection to read the book on-line
  • navigation through the on-line book is from the main table of contents and from links at the end of each chapter that take you to the next chapter or back to the table of contents
  • if you exit the reader and go back into it, it will not remember where you left off and will take you to the table of contents so you can click on where you left off
  • you cannot highlight text, bookmark pages or make notes in the text
  • you cannot change the size or type of the displayed font
Before buying the on-line reader licence, you should register as a new Cyclades user. You can then log in as that user and return to this page to purchase the licence. We'll enable your Cyclades user account for on-line reading within 24 hours.